Tuesday, 30 July 2013

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C-voter Survey Result For LoK Sabha Election 2014.

lok-sabhaThe latest opinion poll by C-Voter for Times Now is interesting for three reasons:
it acknowledges one thing we already know, and raises two possibilities that we had hoped we wouldn’t have to consider in 2014:
a sub-optimal NDA gain, and an indeterminate coalition of regional parties that surely can’t last in power.
 In summary, this is what the poll shows: a UPA total falling dramatically by 93 seats from 227 in 2009 to 134 now;
an NDA rising from 132 to just 156 – a gain of a mere 24 seats (thanks largely to the Janata Dal(U)’s exit); and a motley group of regional parties with 253 seats between them – a gain of 69 seats.

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